Ritz Murphy was born in San Diego, California, and has dedicated his life to being an entertainer. His versatile singing ability disarms listeners with his soulful rolling vocals and incredible range. His live performances include both rare talent and raw energy, leaving his audience with an impressive image of his magnetic style.

   Straight out of school, Ritz joined the band "Rare Blend", a singing trio based around the enormously popular boy-band formula and before he knew it, Rare Blend was signed to Curb Records in Nashville. The band's first single "Swang" was released to national radio with a video supporting the album on MTV. The Rare Blend world tour kicked off with a performance at the Summer Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia followed by an extensive tour of Japan.

   With a number of songs on soundtracks for mega-popular films like "Coyote Ugly" starring Maria Bello and "Angel Eyes" starring Jennifer Lopez, Ritz soon became a memorable voice on several songs - including "Boom Boom Boom" and "Fly Away". After touring and recording, he decided to leave the band and embark on a career of his own. Shortly thereafter, a solo CD of original pop songs was released to eager fans.

   Now Ritz is working on several projects with major music producers to bring his songs and voice to a worldwide audience. Whether on TV, YouTube or on your phone, more music is on the horizon.


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